Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marathon Mama!

Ok, the plan was to start posting where I left off. But let's be honest, I'm too lazy to make up for lost time. So, this is where I'm starting...

On May 2, 2010 I ran my first marathon! Woo hoo! It was so hard! Mentally and physically demanding. I ran the marathon up in Orange County with about 10,000 other runners. I kept up a good pace for most of the run, but the last six miles really killed me. My back started to ache really bad and so I slowed down to walk for a bit. Well, once I started walking, it was hard to start up running again. I probably walked a good part of those last six miles which really disappointed me. My finishing time ended up being 5:04.

Trapped. After the race, we go straight into a 'runners' only' area with food and drinks. I had a hard time eating. I was super close to losing it in this photo. Very nauseous. Julia's obsessed with my medal.

So, not being thrilled with my finishing time, I felt the need to run another. My friend, Catherine, and I were able to run the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon on June 6Th with 40,000 other runners. That's right, two marathons (and a hair color change) within almost a month of each other. I am a little insane... Well, this one wasn't any easier. More hills and warmer weather proved to be more challenging than OC Marathon. Although, with the help of my running buddy, I was able to beat my time by twelve minutes and I ran the race in 4:52.
Funny story. At this point, I have completed at least half the marathon and am super hungry. Julia runs out to meet me with a nectarine. It's hers though, she just happened to be holding it when I ran by. I try to take a bite, Julia freaks out. I take a bite anyway knowing she's being ridiculous. Nathan tells me later on after the race that she was so mad a bout me taking a bite of her nectarine that she refused to eat it and he had to drive home and get her a new one. Oh boy...
(Also, a little side note, as wonderful as my husband is in supporting me, notice my daughters scary hair in both this and previous photos. Please, can he not manage a ponytail???)

I do think I am hooked now, though. There will be more to come. And I will keep running until I meet my time goal...

Also, my husband is the best support ever! He was there for both races. Loaded the kids in and out of the car about six times per race to cheer me on at different parts of the race. Fighting traffic and crowds to take pictures and show his support. I love him, and am so grateful for him!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Neglect

I have neglected my blog for the past 5 months, and now it's time to update. So, I will slowly bring my blog up to date. Hopefully my friends in the blog world haven't given up on me!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas and New Years

We had a wonderful holiday here in San Diego. I was sad not being with my family, but it was nice and relaxing just the four of us.
Nathan and Julia Christmas Eve making cookies for Santa.
Right before bed. Mason an Julia in their new jammies from Grandma J.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas morning. I couldn't get Julia to look at the camera long enough for a photo. She was too distracted by all the presents.

Santa Daddy must have snuck these in my stocking.

Chocolate Santa for breakfast.Only on Christmas.

Sea World was open, so we decided to go for a couple hours before dinner with our friends.

The day after Christmas, Nathan's parents drove over. It was also Laurie's, Nathan's mom's, birthday. So Richard took us to dinner at Seaport Village, and Nathan bought us a carriage ride. Julia loved it! She kept asking where Cinderella was, though.

Nathan's parents had brought my sister, Kellan, with them. She stayed with us for a week before we took her up to my parents who were visiting in Newport.
I took her to the zoo one day.

One New Years Eve, we went to the tide pools at Cabrillo National Park.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Birthday at Disneyland!

This year Disneyland had a special deal where you could get into the park for free on your birthday. Well, in my case that wasn't necessary since I have a season pass. So instead of a free ticket in, I received a gift card for the amount of a ticket. Good deal, huh? Well Nathan's season pass had expired the week earlier, so I used it toward the price of renewing his pass.
Anyway, when I woke up that morning, it was pouring rain. I was still determined to go though so I could get my gift card. Nathan, luckily, was able to get off work early and come with us. Even in the rain, we had a lot of fun, and no lines!

We had to get a photo in front of the big Christmas tree, but Julia just wanted to go play...
This was the nicest Santa! And there was no line! So we just hung out with him for a bit and took or time taking some pictures.

Getting a little silly toward the end of the day.
On our way out after a wet wet day at the Magic Kingdom!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More visitors! Yay!

My parents and a few of my siblings came for a visit over the weekend. We had some free passes to Legoland, so we went while they were here.

Karsyn, Julia, Parker

Julia really wanted to go on this ride, even though I told her she would get wet. She had fun,

but was a little uncomfortable in her wet jeans afterword.

The only ride Mason could go on. (Legoland isn't very baby friendly...)

Mini lego Capitol

Juliabuilding her race car.

Julia, Dad, Parker and Karsyn racing.

We also went to La Jolla Cove while they were here. The kids found a good climbing tree.

Alec, Dad, Mom, Parker, Karsyn

Our kids were not in the mood for photos...

So we took one without them!

Had a great time with my family! Hope next time every one can make it!